The Mental Game

Everyone wants to perform their best in competition. In order to have that performance not only do you have to have the physical abilities to do it, you need the mental capabilities in order to achieve success.

The coined term 'being in the zone' is easier said than done. To be 'in the zone' that means you (the athlete) has total control without having to be in control. Hard effort feels effortless, goals are clear, confidence is high, the inner voice saying no is absent, nothing matters but the competition. Having this mindset is the key to performing to full potential.

In order to achieve this state of mind, it is important to know how to handle the stresses of competition. To do that you need to CONCENTRATE, BE CONFIDENT, STAY COMPOSED, and COMMIT.

Concentration - staying focused on the task at hand. Don't let distractions from anxiety or fatigue disrupt your concentration. Be aware of any distractions and keep them out with positive self-talk, imagery and relaxation.

Confidence - Believe in yourself and your skills. Being confident has a lot to do with a positive attitude but it also means you know how to react to the doubts and worries by understanding how those doubts and worries can be handeled effectively. Stay confident by knowing you competition plan, positive reinforcement, and constructive criticism.

Composure - Be in control of your emotions. Know that you can not always control what happens to you during competition but know that you can control how you handel it. Be aware and mindful of your emotions.

Commitment - Endurance sports requires considerable amount of commitment to achieve success. Make sure you are in this sport for reasons that are meaningful to you. Wether it is a dream, desire or motivation know you are commited and you chose and want to do this. Remind yourself!

This weekend 3 TriAttic Athletes will be testing their physical and mental strengths. Laura Register and Karen Munoz will be running the St. Augustine 1/2 Marathon and I (Coach Sandy) will be running the Marathon.

The race starts at 6:15 am on Sunday morning. The start and finish is located downtown near the Castillo de San Marcos Fort. The course is said to be scenic and flat. Saturday forecast calls for a low of 62 and Sunday is forecast to be party sunny with a high around 76.

Best of luck to everyone racing this weekend. Be strong and confident. Everyone has done the physical preperation to achieve your goals now concentrate on the mental game. "GET IN THE ZONE"

For more information on the St. Augustine Marathon visit:

Offseason Training and Looking to Next Year

Triathlon racing season is coming to a close. Many wonder how to train, prepare and get geared up for the following season.
Some key topics to think about during the offseason are:

  • Review your entire 2011 season

  • Focus on your weaknesses

  • Plan next seasons races and events

  • Set your long term, short term, and time goals for next year

  • Pay attention to diet and nutrition

When reviewing your season and looking at your current fitness it is important to look at your results and times according to what you had set out to achieve.
Did you hit your goal time for the run portion of a sprint triathlon?
Were you consistent with your training?
Did you finish the race you were training for?

Once you have assessed your current fitness level, weakness become more apparent and setting goals for the next season become easier.

When approaching the off season remember - what you work on should directly benefit your performance next year.

Areas to focus on are strength training, conditioning, flexibility and biomechanics.
Strengthening your stabilizing muscles during the offseason will help reduce the risk of injury to supporting muscles during next season. Also strengthening you major muscles will help to improve your power on the bike and decrease fatigue when swimming and running. Pilates and yoga are a great way to help or improve flexibility. Form work and drills in all three sports will help with biomechanics.
Injury prevention can come from improving muscle balance, strength, flexibility and biomechanics.

When setting goals it is very important to look at the amount of time needed to reach or achieve the goals you have set out. The less time and higher improvement you set on yourself has a greater risk for injury. Make sure to give yourself enough time and an appropriate percentage improvement to insure you get to that goal safely. Improvements are dependent upon amount of training time, genetics, recovery, nutrition and planning or training.

During the offseason training loads are down. You will spend less time training and won’t have many (if any) high intensity workouts. During this time the need for sports nutrition products and carbohydrate for fuel is low. It is a great time to work on metabolic efficiency and train your body to use fat for fuel. As the demands on your body increase during the season than those nutrients become important. Trying to shed pounds now is the time to do so. You want to go into next season without worrying about losing a few. Make smart and healthy choices!

Ironman Florida

"Ford Ironman Florida is one of the most well known races on the Ironman circuit having been around for over 10 years. Utilizing the stunning beaches of Panama City Beach, Ford Ironman Florida offers a great opportunity for athletes to get "their feet wet" in Ironman events." WTC

Ironman Florida 2009 was when my brother Mike (CEO of TriAttic) and I decided to give the Ironman distance a go. (Pictured above after finishing IMFL 2009) We loved it so much and had such an amazing experience we came back for a second time in 2010. Only this time we had an addition of Assistant Coach Charlie.

This year Charlie, Mike and myself will be volunteering with hopes of grabbing slots for Ironman Florida 2012.

Registration for Ironman WTC races is a hot topic...... Slots fill fast and are hard to get. Who would think so many people would want to pay so much money to try what some people call, the "hardest single day sporting event in the world". When you finish your first Ironman you will understand.

Training for an Ironman takes time, courage, determination, focus, and strength.

As a 4 time finisher at the Ironman distance and certified USA Triathlon coach, I have what it takes to train you, prepare you and help you get to the finish line. Whether your goal is to make cut off before midnight, have a PR, or qualify for Kona - TriAttic will work hard to help you achieve your goals.

So, if you are thinking about signing up for an Ironman, this weekend is your chance to get registered and then start your journey to the finish. For information on Ironman Florida 2012 registration see:

We hope you will join our team in the journey to becoming an Ironman.

I want to wish the best of luck to the Tallahassee Crew headed over this weekend. All of you have put in the time, distance, and dedication. Making it to the starting line is one of the hardest parts when training for Ironman. Congratulations on getting there and enjoy YOUR day on the course. We will be cheering you all on from the sidelines!

Soon you will hear Mike Riley say, "__________ YOU ARE AN IRONMAN".

I've attached two videos of our journey to the finish........thanks Mike for making these!