Preparing for St. Anthony's Triathlon

Mental focus is the key!

Although this race is only a prep for IMTX, it is a chance for me to make sure I have all the details ironed out.

Goal for this race is to stay in the moment and push my body to its physical and mental limits.

The swim course is known for rough conditions. And growing up in St. Pete I have first handily seen the marine life caught from it. Water temperature in Tampa Bay is 80-81 degrees, non-wetsuit swim (this will be good practice for IMTX non-wetsuit swim). But if I were to choose a sport within the three disciplines I feel most comfortable with, it is the swim.
Goal time: 23 minutes

The bike course is flat sometimes windy and has quite a few turns. Being from St. Pete I am excited to ride through my home town. I plan to take all my nutrition in from fluids. Thanks to Seeley and her generous gift of a bag of Carbo-Pro, I have found a great way to get in calories without having to take in solids. Goal time: 1:13:00 (20mph) - I am setting my goal much higher than my coach predicts (1:23:00).

The run is an out and back flat course with beautiful homes and bay views. I will spend the first mile getting my legs under me and finding my pace/HR zone (175-180). After mile 4 I will leave nothing out there and power home with all the "guts and speed I can muster" (thanks coach Ian)!
Goal time: sub 50:00 (also faster that Ian's prediction)

Ian Briggs of Tri3Sports: has been my coach since the beginning of last year. He has helped me gain both physical and mental strength and has taught me to have the confidence it takes to push myself. Thanks Ian!

Breakthrough in the water

I HIGHLY recommend watching this video:

Today was a short swim, 1500 yards. The main set was 8 X 100 fast with (20RI). My normal 'fast' time is around 1:25/100yds. After watching this video and applying a few key point to the front end of my stroke my times were all below 1:22/100yds today.

Is this because I am on a recovery/taper week and my body is feeling fresh? Or can you actually improve that much with minor changes to the technique of your stroke? I am shock, amazed, happy.

My first blog

I look forward to sharing with all of you the ins and outs of life.

This week has been my first official taper week and it feels great. My "A" race is Ironman Texas on May 21, 2011, but I am doing a short taper this week for St. Anthony's Triathlon on May 1, 2011. I have my goals set high for this race and I am hoping to improve greatly from my last Ironman performance.

Tonight's workout consists of a 35 minute taper set on the trainer.....and that is it! After that, I will be attending the 3rd Annual New Masters: MFA/BFA Graduating Artists’ Work Sale at FSU from 5-7 pm.
I met my boyfriends parents at this event two years ago, and what a pair they are. I am lucky to have them in my life.

Joe and Cindy will be bartending the event. Stop by and say hi, perhaps place a bid on some art,  Charlie and I will be there sometime after 5:30.

Hope to see you soon.