Ironman 70.3 Augusta

Are you or someone you know participating in the 4th annual Ironman 70.3 Augusta?

If so, you have come to the right place for information!

Augusta is known as being one of the best half ironman races for first time 70.3 athletes out there or a great course for setting a new 70.3 PR for the veterans. With the downstream wetsuit legal swim, beautiful rolling bike course, and one of the most spectator friendly run courses on the circuit - you have chosen wisely.

What to expect from the course:

1.2 Mile Swim

The 1.2 mile swim is fast!!! I remember attending the pre-race meeting the inaugural year in 2009 and hearing the announcer say, "if you don't make the swim cut off, you are pointing in the wrong direction". Each wave is corralled before the start, so if you are in wave 3-6, you better be ready to get in the corral early. They stack them up and they move fast. This is an in water swim start, depending on how fast the current, strong of a swimmer you are or how much contact you are looking for at the start will dictate where you should line up. Faster swimmers will most likely tread water at the buoy line and wait for the gun to go off, while slower or new athletes will hang on to the dock while they wait.

If you are a spectator - a great place to watch the swim is from on top of the Gordon Hwy bridge, just downstream from the start. Here is a video from that bridge last year:

56 Mile Bike

The 56 mile bike course at Augusta is one of my favorite routes I have done. It has a little bit of everything: flat and fast sections, challenging climbs, beautiful farm land, and GREAT volunteers. You don't have to worry about getting lost or approaching a dangerous intersection at this race. The local ROTC and Reserves are out in full force providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all 3500 athletes!

For those who live in Tallahassee - I hope you road some hills. I recommended to my athletes to hit CR12 or Havana. Here are two elevation profiles, one for Augusta and one for Thomasville Rd/CR12.

Hard to see but - if you have been doing CR12, you have nothing to worry about. This route has almost double the elevation gain of Augusta.

13.1 Mile Run

This run can be a very fast course - almost too fast. The crowd support makes it easy to leave transition in a flash. Be sure you are watching your pace or HR closely. The run course loops the streets of Downtown Augusta making it really easy for the family, friends, fans and Sherpas to see their athletes multiple times. Best place to see a lot of action is near the finish line. 

This course has seen every race day condition you can think of: pleasant in 2009, rainy in 2010, and rainy and humid with sun in 2011. Sunday forecast for Augusta calls for a chance of showers and thunderstorms, mostly cloudy, with a high near 81. Chance of precipitation is 30%. Models are showing that a cold front will be pushing through the region over the weekend. Ahead of the cold front will be warmer temperatures and a more humid air mass. The front is forecast to past sometime between Saturday evening and Sunday morning. With this passing front, a chance of rain is present. So expect any kind of condition as this cold front could stall and it could be warm and humid, or it could be passing through during the race (rainy and windy), or we could get lucky and it pushes through Saturday and we have pleasant low humidity condition on Sunday. Plan for it all!

Post-race Party!! (The reason a lot of us do these things)

If you didn't plan on Staying in town on Sunday night - consider changing your plans. Augusta has a fantastic post race party!! Bring your recovery socks, favorite camping chair, and have a beer or two while you watch your fellow athletes finish.

I hope you were able to get some useful information from this!!! Please email me if you have any further questions!

Triattic is bringing a LARGE group to August, GA this year. We have 6 first timers and 5 other athletes representing most age groups out there that day; from female 25-29 to male 50-54 we got you covered.

Darren Allen (M40-44) - race # 724 - 1st time 70.3!
Brian Bazinet (M35-39) - race # 1721 - 1st time 70.3!
Al Curry (M50-54) - race # 270 - 1st time 70.3!
Jo Curry (F45-49) - race # 1341 - 2nd 70.3! - rematch at Augusta!
Michael Holt (M35-39) - race # 1855 - 8th 70.3! - 3rd time in Augusta!
Sandy Holt (F25-29) - race # 3110 - 9th 70.3! - 3rd time in Augusta!
Charlie Johnson (M30-34) - race # 2252 - 5th 70.3! - 3rd time in Augusta!
Keith Rowe (M50-54) - race # 375 - 1st time 70.3!
Wayne Thumm (M40-44) - race # 1158 - 2nd 70.3! - going for the sub-6!
Melissa Thompson (F25-29) - race # 3150 - 1st 70.3!
Lori Westphal (F40-44) - race # 1691 - 1st 70.3!

Live race day coverage can be found at Athletes can be tracked by name, age group, and number.



  1. Wow,ten TriAttic athletes. Lets make our coach proud! Keith

    1. Eleven - I missed Lori Westphal! I know you all will!!