Now and Then

Triattic is moving into our second year of business and we would like to thank all of our athletes, supporters, friends and family for helping getting Triattic to where we are today! Last year we had first timers finish not one but multiple triathlons, a lot of new PRs, and athletes that took on a challenge by stepping up in distance.

Here are a few highlights from our End of the Year Party.


Female: Jo Curry

Jo came to us in October of 2011 and had big goals set for improving in her triathlon and running times. She won her age group at Red Hills and North Florida Olympic Triathlon, taking the masters award. She had significant time drops in all her races.
                               Past                                               2012                                
13.1:   2:21:37 - 11/21/10                                  1:57:25 - Sea Side Half Marathon
10K:      55:58 - 5/28/09                                    53:00 - Springtime Tallahassee
5K:        27:01 - 11/24/11                                     24:55 - Palace Saloon
Sprint Triathlon:      1st Place F45-49            1:31:38 - Red Hills Triathlon
Olympic Triathlon:  1st Masters F 40+         2:44:55 - North Florida Triathlon
70.3 Half Ironman: 7:06:52 Augusta 2011   5:57:22 - Augusta 70.3, 3012
Male: Keith Rowe
Only in his second year of triathlon, Keith fought through multiple obstacles including a demanding work schedule to become male MVP this year. Some weeks Keith could only dedicate 3-5 hours to training and still managed to exceed all of his goals.
                                  Past                                             2012                                
Sprint Triathlon:  1:31:50 - Red Hills 2011       1:23:31 - Red Hills Triathlon
Olympic Triathlon:   1st Clydesdale                   2:39:11 - North Florida Triathlon
70.3 Half Ironman:   1st Time Finisher             5:42:06 - Augusta 70.3, 3012
Female: Melissa Thompson
Melissa contacted Triattic in March 2012 and started training for her first triathlon on April 16, 2012. Melissa finished her first sprint triathlon on May 20, her second sprint tri was cancelled because of a Tropical Storm. She went on to place 2nd in her first olympic triathlon in Jax Beach and her second olympic distance triathlon was cancelled. Then to top off the year, Melissa finished her first half ironman in Augusta, GA with a blistering time of 5:13:53.

Male: (on the right) Al Curry
This was Al's first year in triathlon. He had an initial goal of getting into shape and doing Red Hills Triathlon. His goals quickly shifted when he realized his potential. Al then set his goals to finishing Augusta 70.3 at the end of the season. Like Melissa, Al had two cancelled races. Al's season consisted on finishing his first triathlon at Red Hills, then went on to his firsts olympic at North Florida then did not race again until Augusta in August.
Fun Awards
Biggest Loser: Robby Turner
TMI Award: Morgan Garcia and Michelle Harrison =)
Brown Noser Award: Ron Harrison

2013 is a new year for Triattic with a lot in store!!! We have athletes competing in races across the nation; Florida, Georgia, Texas, Oregon, Idaho, New York, and Kentucky.
Also for 2013 we have two amazing athletes joining our coaching staff. Charlie Johnson and Jo Curry will be attending a USA Triathlon Level 1 Coaching Clinic at the end of the month and have already started working with athletes.
Charlie Johnson
Charlie has been involved in sports his whole life. Distance running is his specialty, and this is where most of his experience lies. His first road race was at the age of 6 and he has been hooked ever since. He participated in a range of sports through his youth including track, cross country, swimming, handball, and baseball. Charlie has completed triathlons ranging from sprint to Ironman distance. Teaching what he knows and learning from others are two of Charlie’s highest priorities. He believes there is always something new to learn, and it is better to share what you know rather than keep it to yourself.

    • 2 time Ironman 70.3 World Championship Qualifier
    • 4 time Ironman Finisher
    • 4 time 70.3 Ironman Finisher
    • Ironman PR - 9:25:15 (Florida 2012)

    • Ironman 70.3 PR - 4:07:54 (Augusta 2012)
    • Marathon PR - 2:42 (Tallahassee 2008)
    • 5K PR - 16:31 (Palace Saloon 5K 2011)
    • Boston Marathon - 2:48 (2006)
    • 2010-2012 USA Triathlon All-American
    • 2010 Male Triathlete of the Year - Gulf Winds Tri Club
    • 2010 Male Most Improved - Gulf Winds Tri Club
    • 2009 Male Novice of the Year - Gulf Winds Tri Club
Jo Curry
Jo Curry has been a life long athlete playing different sports her entire life.  She played basketball, and softball up through High School. She took up running to lose weight and to stay active after having children. She began racing in 1999 and has completed many running races ranging from 5K to marathons. She has been a triathlete since 2008 participating in Triathlons ranging from Sprint to Half-Ironman events.  She taught elementary school for 18 years and loved to inspire her students to become active and achieve new goals each year.
·         5K PR 24:55 (April 2012)
·         Half Marathon PR 1:57 (Seaside 2012)
·         Sprint Masters Overall Winner (Beach Blast 2012)
·         Olympic Masters Overall Winner (Madison 2012)
·         Half Ironman PR 5:57 (Augusta 2012)
·         1st Place Grand Prix Winner- Gulf Winds Tri Club (2012)
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