The Benefits of Using an Endless Pool for Swim Lessons

An Endless Pool is the perfect environment for learning how to swim or improving technique.  Endless Pools are a “flume” in which an enclosed impeller creates a “current” of water through the middle of the pool.  The “current” allows coaches/swim instructors to teach clients how to swim, and how to swim faster, with an entirely different approach than is available at a traditional pool.
Swimming Against the Current is a perfect way to practice swimming technique while building endurance and strength.  This works really well to begin building up endurance and technique for longer swims at harder intensities.

Swim in Place the same way that a runner would run on a treadmill or cyclist on a trainer.  During a lesson the coach can be beside the swimmer giving immediate feedback on their stroke the entire time.

Endless Pool Bar that is mounted at the front of each jet, directly in the path of the current. The bar creates a stationary position in the pool that can be used at every level of a lesson, from beginning students with fears of the water to competitive stroke analysis sessions.

You will SEE yourself swim in the mirrors mounted on the bottom and horizontal positions.  Get INSTANT FEEDBACK when you watch yourself swim in the two mirrors located in the pool.
Video clips can be made during lessons.  Video recording of swimming is a very effective way for coaches to observe clients and make observations about stroke technique. The Endless Pool allows you to view yourself in one spot from the front view, side view and under water view. This is a very effective way to improve your stroke.


Triattic is now offering swim lessons and/or video analysis using an Endless Pool. To schedule an appointment or ask any questions please email

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