2014 Racing Season is Upon Us

Triattic has been to a number of running races, a chilly sprint triathlon and one duathlon already this year but 2014 is about to launch!

The team season opener is at Red Hills Triathlon next Saturday, April 5th at Maclay Gardens State Park. Rumor has it Coach Charlie Johnson will be blazin (come see to find out what that means)!

Red Hills Triathlon Website
Race Information
April 5th, 2014 at 7:30am

Maclay Gardens State Park
3540 Thomasville Road
Tallahassee, FL 32309
Swim 0.33mi
Bike 16 mi
Run 3.1 mi
Here are some key pointers to remember when heading into Red Hills for the first timers to the experienced athletes.

Planning for Red Hills

-          Planning is the key to success in Triathlon
-          The more you plan the less you need to do and figure out during the race
-          Simplicity is crucial in planning transition for a sprint triathlon
-          Make a list of equipment you need
-          Mark all equipment with permanent marker

Equipment setup

-          Plan the arrangement of your equipment in order of use

Equipment selection

-          Choose goggles designed for outdoor use
-          Know whether or not swimming into morning sun, choose tinted goggles for those conditions, if it is overcast or dark water choose clear lenses
-          Ensure to have a proper fitting wetsuit
-          Use plastic bags to help get wetsuits on
-          Lube around ankles, neck, and wrist - for long sleeve
-          For rough swims or worry of loosing goggles – place goggles under cap
-          Triathlon clothing should be worn for all three disciplines, choose something that is comfortable, non-chafing, and can be worn from start to finish without discomfort
-          Safety pin ankle strap with timing chip to prevent from loosing in swim

-          Triathlon specific shoes are most helpful (one or two Velcro straps)
-          Select a good fitting, approved helmet that can be buckled easily
-          Buckle your helmet before touching the bike
-          Keep helmet fastened during entire duration of bike until it is remounted in transition
-          Make sure to have bike set in an easy gear (leaving the parking lot is uphill)
-          Reset and have bike computer turned on

-          Replace shoelaces with elastic laces or lace locks for quickness on slipping on
-          Running hat or visor may be helpful
-          Race belt

The Transition Spot

-          Each race venue is different
-          Know the different specifics of each race you plan to do in terms of transition
-          After finding spot, become familiar with finish of swim, entrance to T1, bike-out, bike-in to T2, and      run out. Do a pre-race walk through of T1 & T2
-          If spots are not pre-assigned choose a spot that minimizes congestion and overall distance of travel within transition
-          Take as little as space as possible for courtesy to others
-          Use bright colored towel to help find spot
-          Know location of mount and dismount line
-          Athletes must mount after crossing the mount line
-          Athletes must dismount before crossing the dismount like

Specific Tips

-          Beginners Athletes: Have a fun, comfortable, and safe race. Don’t stress about speeding through transition. That may mean putting on a pair or socks or walking transition.
-          Intermediate Athletes: Weigh the pros and cons between comfort and speed and luxury and necessity.
-          Advances Athletes: Rid yourselves of all but the most essential and fast equipment



   Bike pump
   Warm-up clothes
   Extra bottle fluid (water, Gatorade, etc…)
   Light snack (banana, GU, etc…)
   Toilet paper
   USAT membership card
   Watch (make sure to have it charged)


   Swim suit or Tri gear
   Swim Cap (provided by race)
   Extra goggles
   Body Glide
   Wetsuit (if needed)
   Plastic bags (for getting wetsuit on)
   Baby Shampoo (anti-fog for goggles)
   Towel (for transition set up) 


   Bike shoes
   Bike Bottles (water, Gatorade, etc)
   Repair kit (spare tube, CO2, tire levers)


   Running shoes
   Race Belt

Post Race:

   Change of clothes
   Recovery snack
   Folding Chairs
   Extra Towel
   Cooler J

Just in Case (Extras):

   Rain gear
   Tools for bike
   Safety Pins

***Don’t try anything new (equipment/technique/nutrition) for the first time on race day!