Ironman Augusta 70.3 Post Race Report

1.2 mile Swim, 56 mile Bike, 13.1 mile Run

The weekend started with a team pre-race brick on Saturday morning. That morning we got a short swim in the Savanna River on the swim course. As promised, the current was rippin - this swim course is one of the fastest 1.2 mile swim venues you will see in any half ironman. After the swim, the team headed out for a short bike and run with a few accelerations mixed in to get the blood flowing and pre-race jitters out. 

Augusta 70.3 was most everyone "A-race" for the season. Training for endurance events: half ironmans, ironmans and marathons takes more than just the miles. Each and every athlete had to train their physical and mental strengths to be ready for this event. A multitude of obstacles always shows its face when training for such a race. Whether it was work obligations, family time, illness, or staying motivated that they had to deal with, everyone did, and all eleven triattics that started on race day, finished!!!

First Time 70.3 Ironman Finishers:

Melissa Thompson, 28, Thomasville, GA: 5:13:53 

Swim: 29:12
Bike: 2:56:33
Run: 1:42:02

Melissa had the second fastest run split in her age group, running her way from 32nd place off the bike to 14th out of 148 girls in her age group. Congratulations on such a fantastic first 70.3 finish! Next year: Melissa plans to work on speed and will concentrate on Olympic distance triathlons.

Keith Rowe, 51, Tallahassee, FL: 5:42:06

Swim: 29:58
Bike: 2:48:45
Run: 2:12:38

Balancing work and training was Keith's biggest obstacle. We came up with a schedule that allowed him to do both. We had limited hours to train but Keith always made the workouts count and it showed. He is a true testament to quality over quantity. Congratulations Keith!

Al Curry, 50, Tallahassee, FL: 6:02:04 

Swim: 30:32
Bike: 2:55:36
Run: 2:28:51

Al came to us in December last year, so impressed with his wife's (Jo Curry) accomplishments that he wanted to start doing triathlons as well. Al and Jo (her report below) have lost more than 100 lbs over the last two years. This year alone Al have finished his first triathlon (Red Hills), first Olympic (North Florida) and now his first 70.3. Al will be tackling 26.2 miles next year at the famous Big Sur Marathon.

Brian Bazinet, 37, Tallahassee, FL: 6:15:59

Swim: 33:21
Bike: 3:07:06
Run: 2:27:48

Overcoming setbacks is Brian's strong suit. When the going got tough, Brian never gave up. From illnesses to a bike crash that held Brian from weeks of training, he overcame them all to finish his first 70.3. You will see Brian next year training for his first full Ironman!! Best of luck and we are so happy to help you along the way. Keep the fight in you and never give up!

Lori Westphal, 42, Atlanta, GA: 6:22:04

Swim: 31:41
Bike: 3:30:01
Run: 2:10:48

Mid-season Lori moved from Tallahassee to Atlanta, GA. Finding new routes, training partners, and swimming pools to use was challenging. Through all this Lori made it to the finish line. She also just made it under the 10:00/mile average and finished her 13.1 miles with an average of 9:59/mile. Great race Lori and congratulations on the finish!

Darren Allen, 41, Tallahassee, FL: 6:27:06

Swim: 28:49
Bike: 2:58:49
Run: 2:46:42

A TRUE INSPIRATION! What you all may not know about Darren is that he is in remission with Leukemia. Darren came to us wanting to be fitter and healthier for his family. He has dealt with many physical and mental struggles over the years and training for a marathon (Twisted Ankle) and 70.3 now only added another obstacle for him to tackle. Owning his own business, having a wife, and young son only added to his duties. Darren never complained and did what he needed to make it to the finish line at Augusta. We have watched Darren blossom over the past year and have also gained a true friend during the process. Congratulations Darren on your first 70.3 finish! We are so proud of you!

Returning 70.3 Ironman Finishers:

Charlie Johnson, 33, Tallahassee, FL: 4:07:54

Swim: 22:57
Bike: 2:21:35
Run: 1:19:44

Charlie Johnson was the fastest Age Grouper of the day in Augusta, GA finishing 1st in his age group and qualifying for the Ironman 70.3 World Championship race in Vegas. 

This was Charlie's 3rd time racing in Augusta. He improved all three of his sport times and had an overall PR of 15 minutes from his previous Augusta finish in 2010 with a time of 4:23:48. 

This race is not the end of the season for Charlie. He will be racing at Ironman Florida on November 3 in Panama City Beach. Keep up the hard work and dedication Charlie!

Eric Godin, 28, Tallahassee, FL: 4:39:15

Swim: 22:19
Bike: 2:37:24
Run: 1:33:20

Team member Eric Godin was on a mission to prove he was a strong biker. Mission accomplished. Not only did Eric have a new 56 mile PR he also ran a 1:33:20 off the bike for an average pace of 7:07/mile. Eric ran from 18th place off the bike to 10th. Congratulations Eric and we will see you in Panama City for your first 140.6!

Sandy Holt, 27, Tallahassee, FL: 5:03:31

Swim: 24:56
Bike: 2:42:27
Run: 1:50:54

Congratulations Coach Sandy on your 9th half Ironman finish. Coach Sandy will also be racing at Ironman FL on Nov. 3.

Michael Holt, 35, St. Petersburg, FL: 5:14:16

Swim: 30:08
Bike: 2:37:52
Run: 2:01:05

Michael, President and CEO of Triattic had his best 70.3 finish to date. This was Michael's 8th half Ironman with a new PR by 15 minutes. Michael is owner of two small businesses and is married with two children. Congratulations on your HUGE improvement and continued dedication to training. Michael will also be competing at Ironman Florida on Nov. 3.

Wayne Thumm, 40, Tallahassee, FL: 5:26:05

Swim: 28:38
Bike: 2:49:45
Run: 1:59:24

This was Wayne's 2nd half ironman and he demolished his first race time by over an hour. Wayne had a goal of finishing a 70.3 in under six hours this year. He went above and beyond that goal by a long shot. Congratulations on a fantastic race and great effort out there!!

Jo Curry, 46, Tallahassee, FL: 5:57:22

Swim: 28:20
Bike: 3:00:27
Run: 2:21:33

What a fantastic year Jo Curry has had. Jo has had a PR in every race she has competed in. Augusta was no different for Jo this year. Jo dropped over an hour off of her time from Augusta last year, where she finished in 7:06:52. Over the past year Jo has developed into one of Tallahassee's fastest Master's Female triathletes and she is not slowing down. Congratulations Jo on such a FANTASTIC year! Your dedication, commitment, and love for the sport will take you very far!

For complete results of Ironman Augusta 70.3:

Thanks to Angela Wable, Jason Hand, and Amy Southerland for the GREAT pictures!


  1. Great recap, Sandy. Thank you so much! Keith

  2. GREAT write-up! Congratulations to all of the TriAttic athletes! You all did AMAZING! -Ron