New Beginnings

Let go of the past and go for the future. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined.  - Henry David Thoreau

Today is the first step to changing my future to a dream I have imagined. It all starts with a drive north to Memphis, TN. I will be participating in a weekend clinic to get my certification as a USAT Level I Coach.

During the past seven years I have grown as an athlete, I have learned countless tips from fellow friends, family, and athletes. Over that time, I have developed a true love and passion for the sport of Triathlon.

My first race was Madeira Beach Triathlon in 2005, this race was also my first open water swim and my first 5K. From the moment I crossed the finish line, I was hooked. The next semester at FSU I signed up for a Triathlon P.E. elective and spent the Fall semester learning the rules of the sport, learning what it takes to train and how much dedication it takes to succeed.

From then on, it turned into a new challenge each season. From sprint races, to trying an Olympic, to getting up the nerve to doing a half iron (which was a big deal, I had never run 13.1 in my life before that day), next came a marathon, and then tackling the infamous Ironman.

I've learned so much from so many amazing people I've met along the way. Chuck Davis was the first person in Tallahassee to take me under his wing, show me the ropes, introduce me to many of my now dear friends. George Palmer and Bob Keller have been a true inspiration to watch and learn from, Mike Boll and the FL Ironman 2009 crew all played a part in bringing me to the finish line of my first Ironman. The list goes on and on with who has touched my life, influenced my love for the sport, and taught me what I know about the sport. Along with GWTC and all of the wonderful people apart of it, my family and Charlie Johnson deserve a BIG thanks too! I couldn't not have done all of this without the help and support from my family. My brother Mike got me into triathlons and I am in debt to him forever for that! Charlie has been my backbone, training partner, daily motivator, and support through what is only the beginning.

I look forward to the challenges ahead.

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