Georgia Veterans Sprint Triathlon

This Saturday, August 13, 2011 two TRIATTIC members and me (the coach....) will be competeing in the Georgia Veterans Triathlon in Cordele, GA, along with family and friends from Gulf Winds Triathlon Club.

The race is held at Lake Blackshear Resort and is known to be a fast and flat course.

Race information:
1/4 mile swim / 13.6 mile bike / 3.1 mile run


1. Make sure to hydrate very well, as it takes only hours to dehydrate but days to rehydrate. Drink plenty of water and minimize caffeine.

2. It does not really matter how well you sleep the night before the race but it does matter how you sleep on two nights before - so make sure this night you sleep well.

3. Make sure you bike is working 100%, check it over before you leave for the race venue.

4. Make sure that you are 100% understanding of the transition setup. This, as always, can save you seconds to minutes off your time. On race morning make sure you have found the best route to getting in and out of transition.

5. Remember to be flexible where needed dependent upon conditions on race morning. Do not let anything fluster you - remain focused. If it is raining, be prepared for it. 

6. Finally, remember that where people most fall apart is loss of focus. When you are getting fatigued or tired FOCUS on technique and form - this will not only occupy your mind but also increase your efficiency.

Best of Luck to TRIATTIC members Laura Register, her daughter Anna Register, and Charlie Johnson.


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