Off Season is Busy at Triattic

The first Saturday of each month Triattic continues to have clinics based on skills needed for Triathletes.  This past weekend Coach Sandy and Charlie held a Trainer Bike Drills Clinic. They explained the importance of a proper bike fit and the purpose of drills on a bike trainer.

During the clinic the athletes were shown proper form while doing Isolated Leg Drills. The purpose of this type drill is to eliminate dead spots at the top of the pedal stroke.

Another common drill that was demonstrated was Spin Ups/High Cadence. While doing spin ups it is important to focus on keeping a controlled cadence in order to smooth the bottom end of pedal stroke.

Other drills that were covered during the clinic focused on mind activation, focusing on a certain part of the pedal stroke during normal riding. Some of these drills include; top only, toe touch, 9 to 3  and 3 to 9.

During the off season a trainer is a great way to focus on bike drills. Using a trainer gives you immediate feedback on your pedal stroke just by listening to the sound. If you hear a consistent whirling sound, that is good. But if you hear clunking than you know you need to work on your form.

In December Coach Stephanie and Jo put on a Bike Handling Skills Clinic.  Jo demonstrated many bike handling drills that you can practice each week even on recovery rides. Some examples are hold a straight line, touch your toes, and follow the leader. Spend a few minutes on them each week and this can help improve your bike handling skills.

Stephanie showed us ways to improve transition by being more efficient with our time. We learned what it takes to be considered a minimalist, how to keep your bike shoes on your pedals when mounting and dismounting and to include practicing transitions into your weekly.

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