RACE Week is upon us!!!  As they say, the hay is in the barn. The race is simply a culmination of all your efforts. We have 10 athletes heading to either Chattanooga or Augusta this weekend. Each and everyone has earned their spot on the starting line. We are proud of your dedication and your efforts. Enjoy the day for it is yours!

IRONMAN Chattanooga
Alison Glass Thumm - 1210
Lonnie Draper - 2776
Michael Stribling - 609
Tracy Richardson - 1926

IRONMAN Augusta 70.3
Charlie Boyle - 795
Julie C - 2443
Natalie Radford - 1417
Robby Turner - 2896
Robin Bennett - 2425
Tim Bennett - 466

Throughout the race, reflect back to all the days you were out on the roads earning it. Think about the sacrifices you made to make it to the starting line. Remind yourself of the support that family and friends gave you through months of training. Best of luck to our athletes and everyone else on race day!

Live tracking will be available during the event at:

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