12 Days to go

Nutrition goal - ACCOMPLISHED!

This past weekend was my last long distance training for Ironman Texas. Saturday was a 2 hour 15 min run at very high heart rates. The set included a 20 minute WU to 175bpm then main set of 2 x 30 minutes at 175 with 5 min at 160 then 2 x 15 minutes at 180 with 5 minutes at 160, followed by a 5 minute cool down walk. My brother ran the entire workout with me. This helped keep me focused and motivated, I couldn't let my bro out last me. We both had terrific runs with no GI issues, cramping, or set backs.

After the run we all headed to the Panacea Blue Crab festival to sign up for the Mullet Toss. Everyone threw, Mom, Mike, Phoy, Madison, Ethan, me, Charlie and Willy. Willy won the competition throwing his mullet 124 ft. Ethan was a crowd pleaser, not only did he do a chest bump before the toss, he held his hand in the air when he finished (like he was a pro), then he licked his hand. Yep - he licked it. The announcer told everyone over the mic in case someone didn't see.

We then headed to St. George Island for the rest of the day. Had some beach time, beer time, watch the Kentucky Derby, then went to the Blue Parrot for dinner. Great times all round.

Sunday morning was a rough awakening. I was sore, tired, and not motivated for the long day ahead. But I got it together and finally took to the road. Again my brother hung with me for the workout. We both were feeling the day before. The ride was supposed to be 95 miles but we shortened it to 72 with a 20 minute aerobic brick. Nutrition went perfect. I took in carbo-pro gatorade mixture and ate 3 shot blocks, 1 GU packet and a snickers (YUM!). Only took in H2O for the last 10 miles. Mike and I transitioned straight into the run. It only took a couple minutes to find my legs and get into the rhythm.

Overall I am very happy with the final push. Now it is taper time (or what Ian considers taper).

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  1. You're just awesome. I'm very impressed, and also feel like a slacker. :)