The 800 mile drive to Ironman.

The morning started early, CJ took me to pick up the rental. We lucked out with a Cheve Cruze. It has xm radio, sun roof, leather and a cd player. We got the car packed and bikes loaded by 8:30 and was on the road by 9.

We stopped in Baton Rouge for lunch at The Chimes. Great menu with a LARGE beer selection. Good thing I choose first shift on driving. I got to enjoy a pint of Redhook ESB with my blackened creole salmon sandwich. Yum yum.

Now I get to sit back enjoy the ride and think about race strategy.
Ian provided me with my race strategy last night. Again as with his St. Anthonys strat. I have bigger goals than he has laid out. Ian's time is 10:55. I am shooting for breaking 10:45. The forecast calls for partly cloudy high near 91. I will have to race smart and take in lots of fluids.

Looking forward to arriving in Texas and viewing the race course.

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